Corporate Overview

Partnering Strategy

iCo partners with companies in order to enhance a product’s life cycle through label expansion into isolated biological conditions such as the eye, spinal cord and joints. iCo is actively looking to identify and acquire the rights to products with potential ophthalmic uses that are currently approved or near commercialization.

iCo then employs various drug delivery technologies, re-doses or reformulates these existing products in order to enable local administration into the eye and gain additional intellectual property coverage for the product. This strategy enables partners to maximize the value of their existing product assets with minimal risk while remaining focused on their own core areas of expertise.

In August 2005, iCo began building its ophthalmology franchise by licensing a second-generation antisense drug from California-based ISIS Pharmaceuticals. iCo acquired the exclusive worldwide license to iCo-007 (ISIS 13650) in exchange for an upfront fee, milestone payments for key clinical and regulatory achievements, and royalties on product sales. Through this partnership iCo also gains sole responsibility for the development and commercialization of iCo-007 for the ocular field.

If you are interested in partnering with iCo Therapeutics, please contact:

John G. Clement, PhD
Chief Technical & Development Officer