About iCo

Health and wellness are deeply personal issues.


iCo Therapeutics was founded to tackle specific, global health issues by rethinking existing pharmaceutical candidates for enhanced results, one patient at a time.

The linguistic roots of our corporate name denote belonging, standing shoulder to shoulder–the purposeful unification of every individual within the global health communities which we aim to positively impact.


We believe that health is the most precious asset of all and that by making existing drugs more effective and easier to deliver, we may contribute to global wellness.


We reinvent, reposition and reformulate drugs by rethinking and enhancing existing pharmaceutical candidates.

Our Values

Patient Centric

Everything we do is driven by an ethical, effective and measurable improvement in the lives of patients.

Fiscal Prudence

We act with care for every dollar invested in our venture. We prioritize scientific and technological advances while minimizing infrastructure through leveraging activities (such as partnerships, less dilutive funding sources, and tax effective research and development).

World Class People and Partners

We engage and work with the best people by engaging high-quality advisors, key opinion leaders and selective partnerships with industry leaders.

Long Term Perspective

We are deeply committed and deliberate in building a value-based enterprise based on long-term opportunities and fundamentals while avoiding the distraction of short-term trends or swings.

Lateral Thinking

We seek and nurture innovative value creation by applying creative thinking to existing drugs, reconsidering new and effective applications.